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Mammoet Industries attaches great importance to the protection of your privacy and respects the privacy of the users of its website. It clearly and transparently informs which personal data are collected through the website and how Mammoet Industries processes this data in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the movement of that data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (the ‘Regulation’) and the Belgian Law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (the ‘Law’) and subsequent laws and regulations.

Adjustments to this policy will always be communicated via the website.

Note concerning minors: If you are a minor (under 18 years of age), you are not allowed to use our sites and applications and we ask you not to provide us with your personal data.

1. Who is Mammoet Industries and what do we do

Mammoet Industries is a public limited company under Belgian law with registered office at Terlindenhofstraat 36, 2170 Merksem, active in Belgium.

The website is hosted at the following address:, (referred to hereinafter as the ‘Site’).

The term ‘User’ refers to any user, whether a natural or a legal person, who visits the Site or communicates with the Site in any way.

In the context of the processing of personal data, Mammoet Industries as a company acts as controller and in this capacity also sets up the privacy policy. The purpose of this policy is to inform the User of the Site about how and why personal data is collected and processed by the controller.

The controller shall determine all technical, legal, and organisational means and purposes for the processing of the personal data of the User of the Site and undertakes to take all necessary measures to ensure to operate in accordance with the provisions of the Act and the Regulation.

The controller is free to entrust the processing of personal data to a contractor, the processor, in which case the controller undertakes to choose a contractor who respects the confidential nature of these personal data and provides the necessary guarantees for the safe processing of personal data.

You can contact the controller

2. Processing of personal data

The use of the Site can lead to the processing of personal data. The processing of this personal data by Mammoet Industries as the controller or the processor appointed by Mammoet Industries who processes personal data on behalf of Mammoet Industries is always done in accordance with the Act and the Regulation.

This policy only applies to the Site. If the Site were to link to other websites or other applications, there are other provisions for which Mammoet Industries cannot be held responsible in any way.

3. How personal data is collected

Personal data is collected in the following ways:

  • When you fill out a contact form on the Site.
  • When you ask for information via the Site.
  • When you visit the Site which allows cookies being saved on your device.

4. Personal data that can be processed

The User agrees that, among other things, the following personal data are collected and processed:

  • First and family name
  • Company
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • IP address

5. Purposes of the processing of personal data

We process personal data for various purposes, but always only process the data that is necessary to achieve the intended goal.

We process identification and contact information in the context of the preparation, execution or termination of a (future) agreement. This purpose is a legal basis for the processing of personal data. The processing of this data allows us to respond to the questions that were asked via the Site.

If you have expressly given us your consent, we will also process this information to inform you about our products, services, promotions, events, offers, news items and the like.

Mammoet Industries processes personal data to improve the User’s browsing experience and optimize the quality of its Site. You can read more about this in our cookie policy.

If the processing of your personal data is not necessary for one of these reasons, we will always ask for your permission to process your personal data.

6. Permission

By using the functionalities available on the Site, the User gives his/her unambiguous and informed consent with the processing of his/her personal data in accordance with the terms, purposes and principles set out in this privacy policy.

The User has the right to withdraw his/her consent at all times. The withdrawal of consent shall have an effect from the moment of notification of the withdrawal but shall not affect the legality of the processing in the past.

7. Retention period of personal data

In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation and the Act, the controller shall only keep personal data for as long as reasonably necessary to achieve the objectives for which they are processed. In all cases, this duration is less than two years after the last contact with the User.

If the processing is carried out solely based on the User’s consent and there is no legal basis for processing, Mammoet Industries will delete this data as soon as possible after receiving the consent request.

In some cases, Mammoet Industries reserves the right to retain certain personal data for longer than the period described above, in particular in the context of legal proceedings or for evidence purposes.

8. Recipients of data and disclosure to third parties

Collected and processed personal data may be passed on to employees, co-workers, subcontractors Mammoet Industries suppliers, other service providers or third-party processors.

Mammoet Industries aims to rely only on suppliers, subcontractors, other service providers and third-party processors who provide adequate guarantees for the security of the data and who process data in accordance with the provisions of the Act and the Regulation.

Mammoet Industries will not resell personal data to third parties for direct marketing or promotional purposes.

The User acknowledges being aware that some service providers, subcontractors and/or processors have access to the data that comes from the cookies collected on the Site. (see cookie policy)

In addition, Mammoet Industries may have to share personal data with the competent authorities if it is required by law or in the context of legal proceedings.

In the case of restructuring, acquisition or merger of Mammoet Industries, Mammoet Industries reserves the right to transfer personal data to a third party in this process. The necessary confidentiality principles will always be observed with regard to such data transfers.

9. Disclosure outside the European area

When Mammoet Industries shares personal data with third parties with which it cooperates, there is a possibility that personal data may be shared outside the European Economic Area (EEA). In these cases, Mammoet Industries will ensure that the provisions on GDPR are always respected by these third parties.

10. User rights

The User can exercise his/her rights, in the context of the processing of his/her personal data at any time by sending an email to the controller at [email protected] or a letter by post to the following address: Terlindenhofstraat 36, 2170 Merksem. The User must always prove his/her identity to be able to exercise his/her right in a lawful manner.

a. Right of access

Every User has a right to access his/her personal data and to the following information:

  • how personal data is processed,
  • what personal data is processed,
  • to whom that data is transmitted,
  • how long the data is stored.

If the User submits this request by electronic means (e.g. via the e-mail address), the data shall be provided in electronic format and for general use, unless the User expressly requests otherwise.

The copy of his/her data will be communicated to the User no later than one month after receipt of the request.

b. Right to rectification

Mammoet Industries guarantees the User the right to request to correct or erase incorrect, inaccurate or irrelevant information relating to him/her at any time.

Mammoet Industries will respond immediately to this request, unless such a rectification of data is not possible or would require disproportionate efforts. In that case, we shall immediately inform the User of our decision.

c. Right to erasure

The User has the right to request the removal or erasure of his/her personal data.

Taking into account the available technologies and the implementation costs, Mammoet Industries will take all reasonable measures, including technical measures, to respect this right to removal or erasure and, where appropriate, to inform other processors of this request for removal or erasure.

The right to removal or erasure shall not apply insofar as processing is required on a legal basis (e.g. the execution of an agreement) or if the processing is necessary to allow (a) the controller to comply with a legal obligation to process, a duty of general interest or in the context of the exercise of public authority and (b) the determination, exercise or defence of legal actions.

Mammoet Industries shall inform any recipient of personal data of such a request for removal or erasure, unless such notification is not possible or would require disproportionate efforts by the controller.

e. Right to restrict processing

The User is entitled to restrict the processing of his/her personal data.

Mammoet Industries will investigate such request and evaluate how it can comply with this request.

Furthermore, it shall inform any recipient of personal data of this request to restrict processing unless such notification is not possible or would require disproportionate efforts by the controller.

f. Right to data portability

The User is entitled to receive his/her personal data in a structured, widely-used and machine-readable format. Users also have the right to pass this data on to another controller at the User’s choice. Mammoet Industries will comply with these requests, insofar this is technically possible.

Exercising the right to data portability shall not affect the right to erase the data. This right shall not apply to processing necessary for the performance of a task of general interest or for exercising the public authority assigned to the controller.

The right to data portability does not affect the rights and freedoms of third parties.

g. Right of objection and automated individual decision-making

The User has at all times the right to object to the processing of his/her personal data because of his/her specific situation, unless there are legitimate and compelling reasons for processing, which predominate the interests and rights and freedoms of the User.

In the context of business development purposes, the User has at all times the right to object to the processing of his/her personal data and Mammoet Industries undertakes to no longer process the personal data for direct marketing purposes.

Mammoet Industries will never make an individual decision solely on automated processes.

h. Right of complaint

The User has the right to file a complaint if he/she considers that Mammoet Industries has fallen short of its obligations, imposed on it by the Act and/or the Regulation. The User can contact the Data Protection Authority, responsible for the Belgian territory. More information can be found on the website:

Complaints can be submitted at the following addresses:

  • Data Protection Authority
    Drukpersstraat 35
    1000 Brussels
  • E-mail : [email protected]
  • Phone: +32 2 274 48 00

11. Cookies

The Site uses cookies to distinguish users. This makes it possible to provide the User with a better browsing experience and to improve the Site and its content. The objectives and methods related to cookies are included in our cookie policy.

12. Applicable law and competent court

Belgian law applies to this privacy policy. Any dispute will be referred to the courts of the judicial district of the controller’s registered office.

13. Additional information

The hosting provider that manages the server on which the Site is located is GDPR compliant. For more information, please visit

Servers and devices of the employees are equipped with up-to-date security software such as a virus scanner and a firewall.

Your data is sent over secure Internet connections (https).

If you feel that despite our care and the measures taken to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure or unauthorised modification of personal data, your personal data is not sufficiently secure or that you feel a breach has been committed against your rights regarding the processing of personal data, we ask you to contact the controller at the following address [email protected].

14. Procedure in the event of data infringement

In the event of a violation or data leakage and the associated violation of the availability, integrity or confidentiality of Personal Data, Mammoet Industries will notify the competent Data Protection Authority with undue delay and within 72 hours of it becoming aware of it, where feasible and where legally obliged and unless it is unlikely that the violation poses any risk to the rights and freedoms of the Individuals concerned in accordance with the GDPR.

Mammoet Industries will also communicate the personal data breach to the concerned Individuals, in case it is likely that the breach will entail a high risk for the rights and freedoms of the Individuals.

If you have any questions after reading this privacy policy, you can contact Mammoet Industries by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling +32 3 6445455.

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